Hot tub faq

Q1.When will the hot tub package be set up? The package will be set up on a Thursday 9am- 4pm and collected 9am - 4pm on the Monday.

Q2.How do I work the hot tub?​ Full instructions of how to work the hot tub will be given verbally and we will give you a printed copy of the instrument panel of the hot tub with clear instructions what the buttons are for that operate the hot tub.

Q3.Has the hot tub got a cover? The hot tub has a lockable cover that should be used when not in use to retain the heat and stop anything entering the hot tub we will give you the key for this on set up.

Q4. What surface can I set the hot tub on? The package can be set up on grass, concrete or decking if strong enough to support the weight.

Q5. How long does it take to heat the water up in the hot tub? The hot tub will take 12 to 14 hours to warm up to 40 degrees depending on the outside temperature.

Q6. Do you supply the chemicals to keep the water clean and safe to use? We will put a chlorine dispenser in your hot tub to keep the water clean and safe to use. We will give you 2 chlorine tablets with your hire. You put the dispenser in the hot tub when not in use and take it out when you are in the hot tub.

Q7. What happens if something goes wrong with my hot tub? If anything goes wrong with the hot tub contact us immediately, we will then guide you through the troubleshooting guide. The hot tubs have codes which will show on the instrument panel if there is a problem, many of these problems can easily be fixed over the phone. We will try to sort any problems over the phone but if this does not resolve the problem we will come out and try to repair the hot tub if this fails we will give you another hot tub if we have one available.

Q8. What happens if the water goes dirty on my hire? We will fill your hot tub with clean water for your hire it is then your responsibility to keep the water clean for the duration of the hire. We will not come out to refill the hot tub if the water becomes contaminated through misuse.

Q9. Should I take any precautions before entering the hot tub? Before entering the hot tub always shower with soap and water to remove any lotions as these will contaminate the water . People wearing fake tan must not use the hot tub. When finished in the hot tub shower again to remove any chlorine.

Q10. I'm pregnant can I use the hot tub? No if you are pregnant do not use the hot tub.

Q11. Has the hot tub got a filter to keep the water clean? Yes the hot tub has a filtration system that keeps the water clean. The filter must be cleaned on your hire it is a simple procedure that will take 5 minutes simply unscrew the filter and rinse under a tap with warm water until clean and simply screw the filter back on the hot tub. We provide a new filter with every hire. We will show you the procedure on set up.

Q12. When can I book my hot tub package? We are now taking bookings on all our hot tub packages commencing from April. Book now limited bookings available.

Q13. Do I have to pay a deposit? Yes a deposit of £50 is required before set up which is refundable on collection of the package if no damage has occurred to any of the equipment.

Q14. When do I pay for the package? You must pay for the package on delivery before we set anything up. We will not set any package up without payment first.

Q15. Can I have the package set up in my front garden? No we will only set the package up in your back garden.

Q16. Can children use the hot tub? Yes children can use the hot tub, but no one under the age of 4 years should use the hot tub. All children under the age of 16 should be supervised at all times when using the hot tub.

Q17. What are your delivery areas? We deliver our hot tub packages to bradford, halifax, leeds, and huddersfield.


We accept no responsibility for any reactions or illness you might experience following the use of the hot tub. The hot tub is treated with chemicals therefore if you are allergic to any chlorine you should not use the hot tub. If you have any further questions about our hot tub packages please feel free to contact us between 8am - 9pm seven days a week on 07795830302 / 01274416349.