Outdoor Hard Standing Hires.

Our outdoor hard standing policy has now changed from the 11th April 2016 we will be doing outdoor hard standing bookings with the drill and bolt system that will only be available on concrete and tarmac surfaces. The drill and bolt system exceeds the 165kg per anchor point set buy the health as saftey executive and this is our only way forward to meet the saftey standards. This measure will keep the inflatable you have hired securly anchored without the need for sandbags. We have looked at the alternatives to replace the use of sandbags and this is the only option available at this moment in time. Please look at the information below before you make a outdoor hard standing booking with us it will explain in more detail, we hope this will answer any questions you may have. You can Contact us any time 7 days a week 8am - 9pm. Please phone 07795830302 / 01274416349

Please note this does not effect our indoor inflatable hires our policy remains the same you can book any of our inflatables indoors anchored with sandbags.

Outdoor Hard Standing Bookings

SURFACES WE CAN DRILL AND BOLT. We are changing our policy on outdoor hard standing hires. We are going to use the drill and bolt system on concrete and tarmac these are the only surfaces we can use, concrete is no problem we simply drill the concrete to a depth of 4 inch and and rachet the bolt over the anchor point of the inflatable with the washer and screw into the ground. The bolt we use is 10 millimetres in diameter so the hole that will be left is only as big as a 5p coin. When we collect the inflatable we simply rachet the bolt back out of the ground and fill with silicone we have black for tarmac and white for concrete a couple of weeks of weathering and you wont be able to tell it was drilled. Tarmac is the same process as concrete except the tarmac must be at least 100 millimetres thick or we will not be able to set the inflatable up. If your unsure about this procedure please Contact us for any information you may require. Please ring 07795830302 / 01274416349 seven days a week 8am - 9pm. Why use drill and bolt?

1. The drill and bolt system exceeds the 165kg per anchor point requirement thus making it safer than the required kg per anchor point.

2. The impracticality of carrying over 40 sandbags to 1 hire makes no buisness sense we simply can't fill our vans with nearly a ton in weight for 1 hire. The drill and bolt system is the only alternative at the moment to sandbags. We understand that this process won't be for everyone, but the only alternative is to stop outdoor hires on hard standings.

3. The process will take 10 to 15 minutes to install and the same on collection of the inflatable.

4.The drill and bolt system will be used on all outdoor hard standing bookings, concrete and tarmac from the 11th April 2016. What surfaces can you drill and bolt?

1. Concrete

2. Tarmac

Please note; We cannot drill any council owned property or land without the councils written permission if you obtain permission this must be shown to us prier to your booking. We can only do the booking if you own the land we are setting up on.

We except no responsibility to any damage caused by drilling on the area the inflatable is going. We cannot guarantee that there will be no damage to the area, if it was not laid to the governing standards. If your surfaces were laid by a repetable company there should be no problems. There will be a small charge of £5 that covers the price of the equipment used.

Outdoor Hard Standing Bookings

Price: £5

Outdoor Hard Standing Bookings

SURFACES WE CAN'T DRILL AND BOLT. The surfaces we no longer hire our inflatables on are, flagstones, crazy paving, cobbles, block paving and gravel. We can't use the drill and bolt system on these surfaces as they will not guarantee the bolt will hold and because of breakages due to the drilling process. Unfortunately the surfaces listed below we no longer hire on from the 11th of April 2016. The surfaces we no longer hire on are;

1. Flagstones

2. Cobbles

3. Crazy paving

4. Block paving

5. Gravel

Please note all outdoor hard standing hires that are not drill and bolt will stop on the 11th of April 2016. We apologise to our customers that use us regularly on these surfaces.

Outdoor Hard Standing Bookings